Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BacK aFter A lOng lONg tiMe

After a long long time i am back on blogspot my life got so busy that cudnt take out jus a single hour at night too but now i've made a time table now i'll catch you'll every day i appologise to all my friends,
so from tommorow onwards youll get a daily blog from my side love you'll

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Time is passing like a flash"

i can't xpress that how am i feeling from the past last month time is really flashing away no time for studies notime for net no time for any thing i think i am a person who can never sit free every time when m sitting alone or being borard i cathes any thing either i invents or the thing is no more.
time is passing and i cant suggest a nice collage for me my friends now only i was sitting idle so i thaught that i should ask you people i any one could help me getting a nice institeute to study so i'll be anxiously wating for your suggestions

Monday, September 10, 2007

"The Lion Is Back After 7 Years"

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif whose symbol is LION is back after along time period of 7 years he was and is the best politicion i've ever seen since i am born this person when ruled pakistan 7 years before at that time pakistan was very very best as compared to now a days 7 years before when i was a kid at that time this graceful man was the ruler at that time nothing was so expencive every thing was in reach of a normal person at that time patrol was very cheep this is a small example what i am telling you'll.
So my friends this man is back today and now Musharaf has arrested him but we all know that this person is the best to rule PAKISTAN inshallah and the time will come back soon and that time is not so far when pakistan will be again the best as he left 7 years before.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


My 6 years old sis whome i love most she is liyba and by the nick i calls her is "LAIBI" she is very cute and sharp minded child. when she was a child the first word she spoked was my name "umar" thats also the the reason why i love her so much. She is the student of class 1 in "PATH-WAY GRAMMER SCHOOL".
She is very intelligent. She is the first student of path-way grammer who got scholarship yesterday and i was so happy that my love is the best in every thing now from class one till the end till O'level she'll study free of fees my dad was very surprised by her efforts so dad decided to organise a small get-together yesterday and then we went to "handi-inn" dad surprised all of us when we got there we saw all of our relitives sitting there and after a long time we all met and every one gave gifts to LAIBI so my laibi was the princess of yesterday and she will be for all my life she is very cute and very nice even though she is so small but she can understand every thing.
."my princess LAIYBA".

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"sucide bomb blast"

Bomb blasts in Rawalpindi kill 25, wound 66 RAWALPINDI,
Pakistan, Sept 4 (Reuters) - Two bombs exploded in the garrison city of Rawalpindi during the morning rush hour on Tuesday killing 25 people and wounding 66. One bomb blew up a bus carrying Ministry of Defence employees on their way to work. The second went off on a motorcycle in the busy R.A. Bazar market area of Rawalpindi, the sister city of Islamabad where the army has its headquarters and Islamabad's international airport is located. “Both are terrorist acts and all the dead and wounded are Pakistanis,” he said. The bombs went off at about the same time, at around 7.20 a.m. The bus was completely destroyed and mutilated bodies lay on the street, a witness said. Soldiers cordoned off the area. “It was a huge blast and for a moment I went totally blank. General Arshad said it was not clear if the bombs were detonated by remote control or by suicide attackers. He said he could not give a breakdown of how many people were killed on the bus and how many were killed by the bomb on the motorcycle. more people were killed in the bus blast. Earlier, some officials said the workers on the bus were from an agency involved in atomic work. Police said some of the victims from the motorcycle bombing were from the military.
This is totally disgusting in every 2 or 3 months we hears about a sucide bomb blast but still we say that we love our pakistan because its our mother land.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


At least five killed, several injured KARACHI. At least five persons was killed and many injured when part of under-construction Northern-bypass bridge, leading to Gulbai, collapsed at Paracha Chowk in Shershah area on Saturday afternoon. According to eye-witnesses a passenger coach, police mobile, trailor, five trucks were lying under the debris of collapsed structure. A number of Edhi ambulances and police officials reached the spot and started rescue work. Police said that injured were being sent to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital while efforts were being made to extract others from under the debris. More casualities were feared in this mishap.
This is the construction in pakistan the governement should case on these contractors of this bypass they uses cheap matrials to save there money and while saving money they are playing with the lifes of many people.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"just for you my friends"

Canteen Kahani - Episode 4: Bar B Q


I saw this play and found it interesting so just for you'll my friends who dont know about this play i searched for this episode. This was the one currently on air so i made it easy, this play is about college life and i think its a mad love story too those of my friends who cant watch it on air i am making it easy for you'll.
This play comes on ARY {digital} on monday at 10:00pm i will be waiting for your comments about it anxiously and do let me know that is it nice or what ever.